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My final art trade by topgun470 My final art trade :icontopgun470:topgun470 17 9 Wiley And Katie by topgun470 Wiley And Katie :icontopgun470:topgun470 21 4 Wiley and Flames: Virginia Beach Drift concepts by topgun470 Wiley and Flames: Virginia Beach Drift concepts :icontopgun470:topgun470 16 10 Wiley and Katie current designs by topgun470 Wiley and Katie current designs :icontopgun470:topgun470 21 12 Wiley and Flames remake page 9 by topgun470 Wiley and Flames remake page 9 :icontopgun470:topgun470 10 7 Wiley and Flames remake page 8 by topgun470 Wiley and Flames remake page 8 :icontopgun470:topgun470 10 4 Wiley and Flames remake page 7 by topgun470 Wiley and Flames remake page 7 :icontopgun470:topgun470 12 11 Wiley and Flames remake page 6 by topgun470 Wiley and Flames remake page 6 :icontopgun470:topgun470 11 0 Wiley and Flames remake page 5 by topgun470 Wiley and Flames remake page 5 :icontopgun470:topgun470 10 8 Wiley and Flames remake page 4 by topgun470 Wiley and Flames remake page 4 :icontopgun470:topgun470 12 0 Wiley and Flames remake page 3 by topgun470 Wiley and Flames remake page 3 :icontopgun470:topgun470 13 6 Wiley and Flames remake page 2 by topgun470 Wiley and Flames remake page 2 :icontopgun470:topgun470 13 2 Wiley and Flames remake page 1 by topgun470 Wiley and Flames remake page 1 :icontopgun470:topgun470 12 2 Wiley and Flames remake: Cover by topgun470 Wiley and Flames remake: Cover :icontopgun470:topgun470 20 11 Disney's Planes: The Hot Shots by topgun470 Disney's Planes: The Hot Shots :icontopgun470:topgun470 13 10 Planes of popular culture  by topgun470 Planes of popular culture :icontopgun470:topgun470 10 3


Human OC Tag
Tagged by :iconSilvermuttt:
This one sure took long! Anyways!
1. Which character are you interviewing: Brone Dover
 adopted from here
2. Where would your character work: 
Most likely a Physical Education teacher at High School or a pilot in the Navy
3. What talents would your character have: 
He climbs well and wrestles well.
4. What nationality would your character be:
5. Hobbies? :
Running, watching TV
6. What type of hair style would he/she have:

7. Okay, what would they be BAD at:
Counseling people. He gets upset and beats himself up very easily.
8. In what type of building and place would they live:
A house
9. What would their body type be:
Rectangle or Triangle

IDK where to find the original picture, so just ta
:iconruethefox:RuetheFox 1 3
ART TRADE - The Lovebirds by kiarrra-000 ART TRADE - The Lovebirds :iconkiarrra-000:kiarrra-000 6 1 Wiley Rogers Unrevised by SGTFOXTROT21 Wiley Rogers Unrevised :iconsgtfoxtrot21:SGTFOXTROT21 6 15 Flag Day 2017 by LumeraLightstar Flag Day 2017 :iconlumeralightstar:LumeraLightstar 16 62
We will win/the End for Eggly...*Morale Booster*
This Eggly thing needs to stop...I can't focus on drawing... I feel as if I draw and post it here, He'll ruin it! However, there seems to be no end in sight. We can't wait him out for he'll stick around, wreck our art, annoy us to no end, and he'll think he's won... However we can't fight to be rid of him for every time we ban him he keeps coming back more annoying than the last! I just can't deal with him anymore...How do we get him stop...?
I need to draw as a beginner who wants to be free and become better, but with this...I can't...Unless I change my identity or even move to another site...but I've made a home and made so many friends here, I can't just abandon it all...This is a fight I can't lose, but it's also a fight I can't win...Truly a stalemate between the righteous and the most annoying waste of life of a troll ever allowed to have access on the internet...So far the only way we could move on from this is if he loses his internet, or if just he just...he needs to just... I
:iconkinghypersonicheart:KingHyperSonicHeart 2 14
Okay, DA, We Have a Troll and Security Problem!
OKAY, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Everyone on DA who reads this, we have a massive problem, and this needs to be addressed!
A bullying asshole of a troll user once known as EgglyBagleface has been annoying and potentially demoralizing my friends as well as myself. He stole and ruined the arts of, as well as constantly annoyed those that follow:
:iconFlippyIsKing18:  :iconInkingSky: :iconRollerCoasterMations: :iconTreePencil: :icontopgun470: :iconAstridzeogearfried: and possibly many others! He even drew on my face reveal photo! What did he draw? Mostly penises, and for mine he turn my face green, drew a Nazi symbol on my head, and drew penises splooging over me! Now is that a theif and troll who we want in our community?!
We blocked and reported him, we shut down 2 of his accounts here, but he is a troll that never quits, and he's back again, but this time Eggly is mimic the identity of FlippyIsKing18 and he's pretending to be him!
DA, what happened to the " Th
:iconkinghypersonicheart:KingHyperSonicHeart 1 7
Adam West (born William West Anderson; September 19, 1928 – June 9, 2017) was an American actor. Widely known for his role as Batman in the 1960s ABC series of the same name and its 1966 theatrical feature film, his career spanned seven decades.
West began acting in films in the 1950s. He played opposite Chuck Connors in Geronimo (1962) and The Three Stooges in The Outlaws Is Coming (1965). He also appeared in the science fiction film Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964), and performed voice work on The Fairly OddParents, The Simpsons, and Family Guy, playing fictional versions of himself in all three.
Adam West, you will always be remembered as the original Batman of the 1960's, the Wise Old Parrot in Disney's Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Mayor Adam West in Family Guy.
You have been one of my personal favorite stars ever in my life, and I have grown up with you and your voice since you guest starred as yourself in an episode of Johnny Bravo back in 1997, and I was 10 years
:iconmorteneng21:MortenEng21 2 4
Troll Aleart (UPDATES)
Looks Like megatron888 and EgglyBagleface Wanna do something against me,
So 2 trolls are trying to fool me

megatron888 and EgglyBagleface are trolls who are homophobia, and trolls 

My Final Art Trade 2.0
EgglyBagleface is an art thief to same, who posts edit art and adds a dick to it

but he is also A Racist
And to megatron888
That guy is okay but just his way how he acted was just stupid
so he is out of this but now to you
Leave me alone, and stop being a dick to people
looks like our Eggly
Made a fake DA Admin Profil
:iconrollercoastermations:RollerCoasterMations 3 34
Team Forrest 2 by dodgyrommer Team Forrest 2 :icondodgyrommer:dodgyrommer 958 125 Samuel L. Jackson Meme by CJFairfield16 Samuel L. Jackson Meme :iconcjfairfield16:CJFairfield16 4 4 Down With ToriTheWolfy Stamp by AntiTori Down With ToriTheWolfy Stamp :iconantitori:AntiTori 5 28
-Inhales Sharply-
Now I would like to apologize for up and leaving y'all for a month without any explanation or contact for a whole month. I had a big life event happen that made me realize I was a kind of addicted to this site as I would just ideal for hours on it. So my parents suggested I take a break from it until they think it would be okay to come back. So I kinda just left like that and I am so sorry. I will be in and out on Hiatus for this site and such but I wanted to let y'all know that I am alive and I am not leaving. Just taking a break on and off.
:iconlumeralightstar:LumeraLightstar 2 46
Browsers by cosenza987 Browsers :iconcosenza987:cosenza987 328 125
Report immediately!!
EgglyBagleface has been harrassing FlippyIsKing18 making him think hes some "god" and forces every deviant to worship him. Hes a sicking disastrous monster that needs to be banned.
Whats worst hes forming an allience with Bradon Stevens against my friend topgun470.
So everybody report him asap, if this situation gets worse report EgglyBagleface to the police immediately
:iconjacoba1997:JacobA1997 2 2
1398343 685273178149521 1095222297 O (1) by lucavecciarelli 1398343 685273178149521 1095222297 O (1) :iconlucavecciarelli:lucavecciarelli 5 5 Pic52 by ExScout Pic52 :iconexscout:ExScout 8 0


This will be for anyone who has an interest in aviation. I will only do commissions involving aviation.



topgun470's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello! Welcome to my DA. Call me Matt. I am a member of a group called Team Light which I would really recommend to those of you who want to meet some amazing people. If you didn't know, I am an aviation enthusiast and artist. I focus primarily on making Quality art as well as focusing on a Semi-realistic style. I currently have a series Titled "Wiley and Flames" which is a series I put a lot of effort into. I also appreciate constructive criticism as well as just positive feedback.


Welp I have to go see a Chiropractor soon. I have bad back problems currently

RIP: me
Is anyone else having Notification problems right now?
I'm gonna say it. I have a personal interest for Axis and Central powers Aircraft during World War One and Two. The Fokker and Albatros fighters of WW1 preformed really well in combat, not to mention that the Red Baron earned 60 kills in his Albatros, and his final 20 in his Fokker Triplane.

The WW2. If Germany did one thing well during WW2 it would be the weapons of war. And the BF-109 is no exception. It had great maneuverability during combat and it had a great loadout with its mix of Cannons and machine guns. Then the FW-190 made history being the most heavily armed fighter of WW2.
Anyone notice the problem going on with YouTube right now? Besides their SJW pandering
After I finish my final Request (which is unfortunately my last one until I close them) I am doing something new involving my series. As you all well know I run a comic series called "Wiley and Flames", centered around the stories of Wiley Mccudden, Katie Dodd, Alex Trzcinski, and Gwen and Leroy Parker in their fight against Major Zeal. As most of you know, I have created a Bio for Wiley, but I now have an idea that will expand each Bio a little more. I am doing a "Meet The Character" series based on the "Meet the Planes" animations from Disney and the "Meet The Team" SFM animations from Valve's Team Fortress 2. I'd like to hear your opinions on it, as well as ideas for things I should add.


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